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Divine Dinners: stories for sharing

There are all kinds of ways you can spend your free time. Plans that are fun, shared, sociable, impromptu, memorable or ordinary. And then there are those plans that are original and unique. Going to a Divine Dinner is one of the latter. The idea is simple: you get together with a group of people to have dinner. An expert and a handful of guests share knowledge and experience in an unforgettable evening. Without any pre-prepared scripts or restrictions, these evenings recover the spirit of discussion circles in salons and coffee-houses of the past. All this with a carefully-prepared menu in a beautiful, welcoming house in Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood and, of course, washed down with a bottle of wine. Often it’s a bottle of Martelo, which has already been present at a number of these dinners.

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Silvia hosts this gathering, in which you’ll have interesting conversations, get to know new people, analyse different points of view and above all else, enjoy yourself. The secret of these dinners lies in creating a warm, enjoyable atmosphere, which is what makes this an experience you won’t be able to stop talking about. In the office, with your friends or partner, at the gym and over the rest of the weekend.

Divine Dinners are open to everyone. Check the calendar, find a topic that interests you on a date when you’re free and sign up. Then, all you need do is keep an open mind and have a good time. To learn more about this excellent way to spend an evening, take a look around their website or Instagram account. We guarantee you won’t want to miss out.

On what will be a night of pure, unadulterated #martelism.

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