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Nesting, the art of staying at home and enjoying doing nothing

After an intense summer full of trips and so many emotions, you almost end up needing a holiday from your holidays. But this time, rather than spending the day discovering new places and enjoying sunsets, washed down with a glass of Martelo, it’s time to stay at home and disconnect from the outside world. After all, if there’s a season when doing nothing appeals, it has to be autumn.

In a previous post, we already told you about Hygge, a Danish concept that’s all about staying at home and enjoying its warm, cosy atmosphere. Some people call it cocooning, others call it nesting. But they’re talking about the same thing: putting aside all your obligations and staying at home to enjoy some ‘me time’.

What you do with this time is up to you. Some people simply prefer to stretch out under a blanket on the sofa and watch a film with their partner while sharing a bottle of Martelo. Others run a bath and light plenty of candles. Some people even enjoy putting on some music while they read a book. Whatever you choose, in this article you’ll find all you need for your weekend retreat at home.


Get dressed from the feet up

Just as you wouldn’t build a house from the roof downwards, nesting weekends start with slippers that are so warm and comfy, you won’t want to step out onto the street ever again. Ugg might be known worldwide for their boots, but their slippers are more than a match for any others. On their website, you can find slippers for men and women.


By candlelight

There’s no better way to create a warm atmosphere at home than by lighting some candles, especially if they have such exquisite aromas as those produced by Jo Malone. As well as creating a light that complements autumn’s ochre tones, these candles release aromas that range from pomegranate, flowering nectarine or honey to cardamom, wild fig or almonds and macaroons.


Take shelter under a blanket

One of the main activities on these relaxing weekends is lying on the sofa with a soft, cosy blanket, covering you from head to foot. So, your starter pack would be incomplete without an Ezcaray blanket. The essential accessory for any self-respecting sofa and living room.


The perfect soundtrack

There’s nothing like enjoying the silence, but if you feel in need of a soundtrack for your weekend of snuggling on the sofa, just take a look around Martelo’s Spotify account. A few weeks ago, we published a playlist of the best chill-out music which sounds as smooth as honey.


An unforgettable bath

With so much time on your hands, this is a moment to forget about quick showers and treat yourself to a luxurious bath. With one of thesebath bombs from Lush, a glass of Martelo, some candles and relaxing music, who needs to go to a spa?

Lose yourself in a story

If you find that you have some spare time between so much nesting, hygge and cocooning, you might fancy losing yourself in a good story. The fact that this is a stay-at-home break doesn’t mean that you can’t let your imagination fly and journey to other worlds. Movies like Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs or romantic comedies like About Time by Richard Curtis are perfect for this kind of weekend.

If you’re more of a bookworm, you’re sure to get hooked on The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker or All This I Will Give to You by Dolores Redondo.

And, as the finishing touch, a bottle of Martelo. Few wines can claim to pair so well with a weekend of relaxation at home, while the autumn turns everything outside a shade of ochre and gold.

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