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How to make a city vegetable garden in summer using a Finca Martelo crate

#martelism fans are in for a treat as summer has arrived and that means not just beach, terrace living and holidays, but also time to plant veggies in your garden, and if you have one of the iconic wooden crates from Finca Martelo, you’re in luck because you are going to be using it more than ever.

Ana and David from La Huerta de Rizos joined us on this Inspiring Day at Torre de Oña in March and filled us in on growing your own city garden at home: the right soil, fertilisers, light and water….

So now, in time for summer, here is the veg we recommend growing in your city garden:

1. Celery – purifying and packed with vitamins

2. Broccoli – delicious and with anti-oxidant properties

3. Tomatoes – if you lavish them with care you’ll get ones with the real tomato flavour

4. Radishes – a tasty way to spruce up a summer salad

5. The taste of home-grown lettuce… 

6. Rocket – a classic that will lift your pizzas and salads.

When it comes to basic care, this is what you need to consider:

  • It is better to water first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon so the leaves don’t burn.
  • Vegetables need plenty of sunlight
  • Learn about each plant’s water needs so you know how much to water them in their life cycle.
  • Use fertilisers sparingly and make them organic if you can.
  • Pull out weeds and check your garden thoroughly to ensure against pests.

If you want your own crate of Finca Martelo, click this link to purchase it with six bottles of wine.

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