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#martelism takes its seat at the dinner table

A meal at home with friends is always a special moment. With conversation, laughter and moments of warmth and intimacy. But eating together is what it’s all about, so let Martelo share some inspiring ideas for your meal.

An interesting way to start is hummus. You’re bound to have tried this supermarket staple at some point, but you may not know that it’s as easy to make as to buy. Hummus is a dip originating in Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey and, above all, a sophisticated way to eat pulses. To make it, you usually start with chickpeas, which are blended then mixed with tahini – a sesame-seed paste – before adding garlic, salt and lemon juice. It’s very simple to prepare and a perfect nibble before dinner. You can accompany it with breadsticks (there are dozens of options) and serve it in Cook Play dishes, which are favourites of Martelo, offering design and practicality for your dinner table.

If you don’t have much time to cook, or prefer to use the little you have to prepare something more substantial, there’s an option that never fails: sushi… from the supermarket. While this can often be a travesty, some supermarket chains, such as Eroski and Carrefour, offer a truly accomplished product, as many Asian culinary experts will vouch. Just buy a good-quality soy sauce and serve the sushi on a tray with chopsticks for a beautiful spread that’s inspired by Martelosophy.

And speaking of #martelism, there’s a dish that complements it perfectly: risotto. Firstly, because it requires a long, unhurried preparation process (like Martelo’s grape harvests): perfect for chatting to your guests while you enjoy a glass of wine and good background music. And secondly, because you can serve it with ingredients that pair spectacularly with Martelo. A suggestion: Wild asparagus risotto with shavings of cured ham. Remember, there are two key ingredients in any risotto: Parmesan cheese (Poncelet is an online store where you can find the finest examples of this type of cheese) and white wine (obviously, we recommend Lagar de Cervera, Martelo’s Galician cousin).

If you prefer to go all out on the main course, salads are a light and simple option for your starter. There’s a type of salad to suit every cook (with thousands of recipes available online), but this is Martelo’s suggestion: a handful of varied lettuce leaves, cured duck, goat’s cheese, grated radish, nutritional yeast and pomegranate. For the dressing, try some products from our homeland in northern Spain: Moreda Olive Oil, Rioja Vinegar and Salt from Añana Valley. An array of flavours that will really make an impact on your guests.

Let’s talk fish. Because you got over the idea that red wines are only for meat long ago, right? If you really want to shine, have a go at a Ceviche recipe. If it doesn’t sound familiar, don’t worry, Martelo will introduce you to this slice of South American culture which is becoming a hit worldwide. Ceviche isn’t a fish, but a way of preparing it. Typical of various South American countries, it is considered part of the cultural heritage of Peru, one of the world’s most thriving culinary scenes. Preparing it is easy: you cut up the fish (corvina is the most suitable fish that’s relatively easy to find, although sea bream or sea bass would also work well) into small cubes and marinade it in lemon and lime juice. Then you can add red onion, coriander, sweetcorn or celery.

And if the bottle of Martelo lasts last enough to keep the conversation flowing well after the food has gone, a coffee will finish the evening off perfectly. But not just any coffee. Nomad Coffee is a company that brings in coffee from the world’s best coffee plantations to roast it in Barcelona. If you’re ever visiting the city of Gaudí, you can pass by one of Nomad’s cafés to buy some, and if not, there’s always their online store. To go with the coffee, how about some Tolosa tejas [literally, tiles]? These are legendary sweet almond biscuits from the Basque Country, whose people are famed for being experts in eating well. They also make the perfect pairing with wine.

Do you have any other ideas for preparing the perfect meal?

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