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Finca Martelo’s Instagram Musts

Martelo started life in Torre de Oña then moved straight to Instagram, which it took to like a duck takes to water. There, Martelo spends hours among filters and hashtags, surrounded by wine lovers, great discoveries, places to enjoy wine and good food and plans for getting out and exploring the world. Accounts to inspire, accounts to get out and discover new places: in short, accounts that are all about #martelismThese are Martelo’s favourite accounts. 

Ruminant Reserve

This was an anonymous account until it came out that the famous photographer,  Stephen Shore, is behind it. On Ruminant Reserve, he wanted to portray the subtle, everyday aspects of life that he couldn’t represent through his professional work. Photographs that depict those quiet moments in scenes from everyday life, narrated in a minimalist style.

Punk Monsieur

A brand of fashion clothing and accessories which few know about, but that has captivated Martelo with its eclectic personality. Punk Monsieur reinvents staple pieces like denim jackets, cardigans, watches, bracelets and ties. But its Instagram photos that really stand out are the scenes that look like they’ve been captured in an after-work party or the perfect meal: they fit perfectly with the spirit of #martelism.

Bjarke Ingels

The Instagram account of one of today’s most iconic architects is a real treat for the eyes. Ingels is an advocate of a third way between the type of architecture that’s full of outlandish ideas, and the type where every building looks the same. On his profile, you’ll find his most innovative designs and others that have inspired him. He is also one of the protagonists of Abstract, the documentary produced by Netflix on the role of creativity in today’s world.

The Blonde abroad

Can you imagine leaving your job in a finance corporation to dedicate yourself to globetrotting? It sounds too good to be true, but that’s what Kirsten did and now she makes a living from it. She devotes herself to exploring the world, then designing tours so that others can enjoy the places she has visited. Incredible hotels, unique scenery, original meals, the greatest festivals and moments of calm, joy and excitement in equal measure. Take a look around her Instagram account and see how quickly you get the urge to set out and discover the world.

Sam Horine

New York is Martelo’s favourite city and Sam Horine is one of its most celebrated street photographers. On his account, you can really feel the essence of the Big Apple: the stunning design of its buildings, its unmistakeable skyline and its most iconic scenes.


One of the most well-known accounts on the Hyggescene. This is the perfect place to get inspiration for creating that peaceful, cosy and inviting atmosphere where you can relax with a bottle of Martelo or welcome in your guests and treat them to the perfect meal.

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