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Finca Martelo & table games, let’s play

Who said that #Martelism can’t be about staying in on a Friday night? Pull out a table, invite your friends over, open a bottle of Finca Martelo, prepare some snacks and get out one of these six board games. They’re guaranteed to get people laughing and the competitive juices flowing.


It may not be as well known among the general public as others on the list, but Catan is one of the biggest board game sensations of the last few years. The idea is simple: You’re on an island that’s rich in natural resources and your objective is to colonize it. To win, you have to negotiate with other players, be astute and, above all, make great use of strategy.

Trivial Pursuit

The definitive proof that Manchego isn’t the only cheese that pairs with Finca Martelo. This may be a classic, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. What’s more, you can finally put an end to the debate about which of your friends is the biggest general knowledge buff. 


This is a kind of Scrabble with numbers, designed for 2 to 4 players who need to be great at thinking ahead and playing strategically. Each of the 106 tiles (except for the two jokers) has a colour and a number, which have to be combined on the table to form runs (same colour, consecutive numbers) or groups (same number but different colours).


The board game for those who want to play at being Napoleon Bonaparte. Its intense gameplay along with simple and accessible rules are what made Risk a runaway success. Accompanied by a bottle of Finca Martelo, who wouldn’t feel like conquering the world?


The aim of this card game couldn’t be simpler: construct the most glorious citadel, while sabotaging your rivals. Its mix of strategy with a touch of roleplay make it one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon with friends.


If there is a game that can put friendships to the test, it’s definitely Hotel. Its short, streamlined games are a strong point, although it’s guaranteed to get players hot under the collar. Particularly as a night of Hotel can end in ruin. But don’t worry, it’s nothing that a glass of Finca Martelo won’t fix.


Another all-time classic board game. Creating words with tiles might seem simple at first, but winning is no easy task. Still, you can always give the game a twist by restricting the words to one topic, such as the world of wine.

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