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ASMR: sounds that soothe your mind

Light some scented candles, put some music on, run yourself a nice bath, open a bottle of Martelo, spend a weekend nesting… The list of ways you can relax after a tiring day or a long week is endless.

One of the latest forms of relaxation that has everyone talking is ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The name refers to the relaxing, tingling sensation that we feel when we hear soft, gentle sounds, although the same result can be achieved through visual and even tactile stimuli.

These stimuli are called triggers and they come in many different forms. A soft, whispering voice; the sound produced by everyday objects such as a glass bottle or a brush; certain sounds people make with their mouths… All captured carefully and in great detail by high-sensitivity microphones. So, to enjoy these sensations, all you need do is find a quiet place to sit, put on some headphones and relax into your session.

Like all forms of relaxation, ASMR doesn’t work for everyone. However, in recent years it has become a real internet sensation and platforms like YouTube are now full of people dedicated to producing these kinds of videos, such as Ana Muñoz.

Ana was responsible for bringing together #Martelism and ASMR in the first aural Martelo tasting session. Put on your headphones, sit down and enjoy.

If it sounds this good, imagine how good it will taste.

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