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The perfect movie night, with a splash of #Martelism

After a summer full of travel and adventure, in Autumn Finca Martelo likes to chill out at home and enjoy a good movie curled up on the sofa. 

If you like how that sounds, here are the six things you need to put together the perfect movie night, with a splash of #Martelism. Take note.

Prepare a snack

Everyone knows that… movies are much better with popcorn. We love classics like Finca Martelo, so prefer ours salted or sweet, but at Pop It you can find all kinds of flavours: chocolate, mandarin, fruits of the forest and even coconut and green apple. But the snack options don’t stop at popcorn: this is the perfect excuse to open that bar of dark chocolate  you’ve been resisting for days.

A warm blanket and a comfy sofa

At this time of year, there’s nothing more appealing than curling up on the sofa. Especially if you have someone to share it with. So the next essential ingredient for your perfect movie night is a mohair blanket, like those crafted by Mantas Ezcaray. Made of soft and silky natural fibres, they’ll keep you toasty warm on these cold Autumn evenings. Add some thick slipper socks and total comfort is guaranteed. 

Put your mobile on silent

You may be far from a cinema and the worry of disturbing the rest of the audience, but you can’t enjoy a movie if you’re being interrupted constantly. Texts and calls can wait. Put your mobile on silent and lose yourself in a good movie.

Lights out

Draw the curtains, lower the blinds, shut the door and light a candle. Just four steps to create the perfect atmosphere, helping you leave your cares behind and really get into the story.

Bring the cinema home

If you want the best movie-watching experience, you might think having the latest TV is key, but what really makes the difference is the sound. If you already have a Home Cinema system, you’ll know that surround sound is what really immerses you in the film. Especially if you’re a fan of action movies.

And of course, uncork a bottle of Finca Martelo

For an unforgettable movie night, all that remains is to uncork a bottle of Finca Martelo and pour a couple of glasses of wine. Could there be a more perfect pairing?

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