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Wanderlust & Martelism: Four alternative ways to travel

Escaping the daily grind, wandering through unknown cities, learning about other cultures, discovering unique flavours, sharing a bottle of Martelo with new friends… Few experiences capture the spirit of #Martelism like travelling does. No wonder it ignites such passions.

Some might say that the time for travelling ends as summer draws to a close. But those of us with wanderlust in our bones (the Germans gave us our term for that irresistible desire to travel) know that there’s no need to wait until July to pack our suitcases. 

Not sure what your options are once high season is over? Here are four alternative ways to travel all year round. 

Try Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing may have started life as a means to travel on a shoestring, but the secret of its success lies in the genuine cultural insights and experiences that travellers share in this alternative to mainstream travel. Hosts welcome travellers from all over the world into their homes and exchange cultures, customs and dishes. There are few ways of travelling that let you immerse yourself in another way of life so completely. Top tip: take a bottle of Martelo with you to share with your new friends.

Take a workcation

For evermore workers in today’s world, a computer and an internet connection is all that’s needed to get the job done. If you’re not tied to an office, why not see the world while you work? You’ll put in the same hours, but each week you can enjoy your after-work downtime in a different place. 

Weekend breaks

Whether you head for Martelo’s homeland of La Rioja Alavesa or any European capital, weekend breaks are one of the best ways to get away regularly without breaking the bank. If you need a little inspiration, The New York Times has published a guide to some of the best 36-hour getaways in Europe. ¿

Road trips: Hit the highway

Travel along coastal roads with the sea at your side, drive up into the mountains or cross wide, open plains. Hitting the road is the perfect way to discover some truly breathtaking destinations. The route you take is up to you, but let Martelo take care of the soundtrack.

Oh! And remember to take a look at this map if you want to know where to find Martelo on your travels through Spain.

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