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Feng shui: martelism at home

Autumn is coming: the weather is changing, the days are getting shorter and the urge to hunker down at home is getting stronger. Enjoy quality downtime at home watching a film, reading or playing a game. And of course, having a glass of Finca Martelo.

For our home to permanently transport us to an oasis of wellbeing and tranquillity we have feng shui, a science that studies the relationship between people and the space around them and their objects. Feng shui touches on the decor, architecture, health, geography and even astrology of a place to produce more liveable environments where we can be in harmony with our home.

AtFinca Martelo we were impressed and were keen to fill our followers in on some of the keys behind the practice so that when they open a bottle of wine, they can enjoy complete harmony and wellbeing. A bit of music, candlelight … and these hacks.


Colour is one of the key elements of feng shui. It refers not just to the colour of the walls of your home, but also the colour of the furniture and decorative objects. A different colour is recommended for each room of the house: blue for the living room; yellow for the kitchen; turquoise for the bathroom; blue or green for the bedroom, and beige colours for the study or work room.

Finca Martelo Feng shui

Living room 

The living room is the heart of the home, where we mainly live. It is where we rest, read, eat and greet dinner guests. One way to gain harmony is to use a decoration based on nature and landscapes – plants, paintings, photos… You probably already have some things, and others will come to mind 😉     

Finca Martelo salón  


That moment of uncorking a bottle of Finca Martelo as you cook for yourself, your partner, your family or guests is priceless. If the light in the kitchen is natural too, even better.

Finca Martelo cocina


Big mirrors bring a huge flow of positive energy. The bathroom can be the perfect place to hang one. And put effort into doing up the bathroom, it can be a very playful space in the house, as you can see in the photo.

Finca Martelo bañeraBedroom 

The bedroom is where we relax so it is a place where order and arrangement should be taken very seriously. It is best to avoid too many objects cluttering the space; maintain symmetry on either side of the bed (for example, with two matching dressing tables) and avoid plants. And if you can surround yourself with objects that evoke happy and joyful moments, that’s good too. By the way, one of the big questions aroundfeng shui is where to position the bed. Ideally, you should have the headboard facing north – it will improve your vital energy and health.

Finca Martelo habitación

Are you up for making the odd tweak to your home for a more pleasant autumn? We would love to share in your at-home rest and relaxation with a glass of Finca Martelo. Post your pics on Instagram with the hashtag #martelism.

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