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Top 10 Christmas gift ideas full of #Martelosophy

It’s that time of year again, the countdown to Christmas! If you are busy doing some last-minute shopping and haven’t had time to think much about what to ask Father Christmas to get you this year (assuming you have been good of course!), check out Finca Martelo’s Top 10 Great Gift Ideas for all of you wine-loving Martelistas out there.

If you’d love a gift with a bit of #Martelosophy this year, Finca Martelo to the rescue! Ok, La Rioja is not exactly the snowy North Pole, but we bet our list of Top 10 Great Gift Ideas would make Santa proud.

1. Ezcaray Mohair Scarf

Born and bread in La Rioja, the Ezcaray brand has become world-famous for their Mohair blankets and scarfs thanks to their trendy patterns and their softness beyond words. Wrap up in it to go out or even to cosy up on the sofa with a lovely cup of tea.

2. Sonos smart soundbar

The Sonos compact smart soundbar will make your living room feel like an actual cinema. The only difference is that you’ll have to make the popcorn yourself, but at least you can be in your pijamas.

3. Le Creuset casserole 

When the next person asks you what your secret ingredient was, you can simply answer your new Le Creuset casserole. No matter what you cook in them, Le Creuset cast iron casseroules make every meal delicious. Our personal favourite dishes à la Creuset would have to be a tender slow-cooked lamb in the oven or a hearty beef stew simmered on the hob.

4. White noise machine

White noise machines generate a series of neutral sounds that help soothe and empty the mind. Meet your new sidekick for completely switching off after a long day or to concentrate when working from home. There are white noise machines for every budget, from the multi-function Snooz to the compact Marpac Yogasleep, perfect for traveling.

5. Chess board

You can’t go wrong with a good old classic. A quintessential #Martelosohpy Sunday doesn’t go without a friendly game of chess and a glass of wine. Let the game begin.

6. Jo Malone candle

The scent of a Jo Malone candle is pretty much only comparable to the aroma of a glass of Finca Martelo 2015 – inspiring with personality. It’s the end of a long day, run that bath, add lots of bubbles, light your new candle, soak for at least one hour, unwind – it’s time for you.

7. Fresh pasta maker

As you may have realized by now, Finca Martelo is a big foodie. That’s why one of the New Year’s resolutions this year is to learn how to make home-made fresh pasta as well as the chefs at the winery’s restaurant make it. Here is the first recipe you could try with your cool new pasta maker: Braised Iberian pork cheek and mushroom ravioli. Yum.

8. Foreo facial cleansing brush for men and pre-shaving device

The anti-aging Foreo Luna 2 facial face brush tones the skin for a smoother shave or  cleanses your beard. Renown for making skin “smooth, refreshed and toned in just two minutes”, treat yourself to this relaxing mini face massage to start your day.

9. Sony PS-LX310BT record player

Now you can enjoy your vinyl collection with all the convenience of wireless technology thanks to this Sony PS-LX310BT turntable with Bluetooth connectivity. Forget streaming for a moment and spin that record DJ. 

10. A weekend getaway to Torre de Oña winery

motivos para visitas La Rioja
Although last on the Top 10 Gift List, no present has more #Martelosophy than a mini-break to La Rioja to visit the Torre de Oña bodega, home to Finca Martelo of course. Book a guided tour of the winery, taste the wines and maybe even reserve a table in the private dining room for some authentic Riojan cuisine with a modern twist. A Christmas gift to remember forever.

There you have it. May your Christmas be full of laughter, wine and #Martelosophy. And if none of these gift ideas are up your street, you can always ask for a lump of coal instead ?

2 December, 2021
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