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Add #Martelism to your Valentine’s Day with these simple plans

It can seem like there are only two ways to react to Valentine’s Day. Either overdo it with flowers and romantic gestures or let your cynical side take over and ignore it completely. But there is a third way: those who take the #Martelism approach believe in showing love and affection every day without denying that some days can be more special than others.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place: in this post, we’re going to share five simple plans for St Valentine’s.

Simple plans for Valentine's Day martelo martelism

Love at a height

There are few simple, original plans for St Valentine’s Day that say as much with so little as grabbing a bottle of Martelo and heading up to a viewpoint to see some fantastic scenery. We’re thinking of spots like Tibidabo Mountain in Barcelona, Cerro del Tío Pío Park in Madrid, Artxanda viewpoint in Bilbao, Mount Igeldo in San Sebastián and Balcón de la Rioja [La Rioja Balcony] in Puerto de Herrera, where you can also look out onto Torre de Oña winery.

Simple plans for Valentine's Day martelo martelism

Chocolate and Martelo

It doesn’t take much to enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone. In fact, pairing chocolate with Martelo might be more than enough. You’ll want to leave that box of heart-shaped chocolates on the shelf though, and go straight for some Neuhaus Belgian chocolates. This chocolatier’s relentless search for new flavours and for perfection when working with chocolate means their individual chocolates and bars are truly out of this world.

Simple plans for Valentine's Day martelo martelism

Prepare the most relaxing massage imaginable

Of all these simple Valentine’s Day plans, preparing your loved one a relaxing massage may not seem like the most original, but it’s perhaps the most special of all. Buy some massage oil in your partner’s favourite scent, put on some relaxing music and get ready to make all their problems and worries disappear. If you’re not sure where to start, you can learn a range of techniques on videos like this one, then surprise your partner with your expertize.

Simple plans for Valentine's Day martelo martelism

Make your romantic bath a blast

Preparing your partner a romantic bath is another Valentine’s classic, but you can give it an original twist with one of the colourful, scented bath bombs from Lush. Start by putting on our Spotify list “A moment of calm at home”, fill your bathtub with warm water, add one of the bath bombs and pour a couple of glasses of Martelo while it bursts into action. Our favourite? The Intergalactic, hands down.

Simple plans for Valentine's Day martelo martelism

By candlelight

As the finishing touch, light one of Jo Malone’s scented candles. Few things can bring as much warmth to your evening as the golden tones of candlelight and the pomegranate, nectarine blossom or honey scents these candles release. Love is in the air.

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