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Finca Martelo shows its foodie colours

Fine dining and Martelo have always gone hand in hand, but this week it has shown its true foodie colours as it set out on the adventure of finding the international dish that complements it best. The task was never going to be easy, particularly when the eight candidates are so delicious, which is why we asked all of our Instagram followers to help, and the result could not be more surprising.

There were options from all corners of the world, from the most exotic and trendy dishes to the most traditional recipes, but in the end, a true classic from our homeland came out on top. The Spanish omelette. After all, #Martelism is also about enjoying the simple things in life.

They may not all have won, but there’s no denying how great a shared bottle of Martelo tastes with all of these dishes.


Its Peruvian variant is the most famous, but this dish of fish or shellfish marinated in lemon, orange, onion and coriander is hugely popular in many Latin American countries.


They may look a little like meatballs at first glance, but falafels are one of the tastiest vegetarian treats. Made with chickpeas, they are a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine. The perfect snack to share, with a bottle of Martelo.


These little parcels made with rice flour are typical of many Asian countries. They are usually filled with beef, chicken or even prawns. The dumplings, with their rice-flour wrappers, are first steamed then sometimes finished off with a quick blast in the frying pan.


These buns are steamed rather than baked, which is what gives them such a soft texture. They are one of Taiwan’s most popular treats and are usually filled with pork belly, although they are so versatile that you can even find bao with battered calamari inside. Their flavour is pure #Martelism.


Originating in Hawaii, Poke mixes raw fish with seaweed, avocado, cucumber and spring onion, to which a dressing of soy sauce and sesame oil is added. A true delicacy which will delight anyone who loves sushi.


Half the world has fallen in love with this traditional Berber dish thanks to the wide range of possibilities it offers. In salads, accompanying spicy chicken, with vegetables… The options are endless.


While China and Japan argue about where it was invented, the rest of us are happy to simply enjoy this Asian dish, which is somewhere between a stew and a soup. Broth, rice noodles, meat, vegetables, egg and a touch of soy sauce. Who doesn’t feel their mouth watering?

Spanish Omelette

In Spain, some feel that this dish hasn’t received the international recognition it deserves, but if this competition has made one thing clear, it’s that it should have UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. After all, the dish fuels one of Spain’s most heated debates: should it be made with or without onion? In Martelo’s humble opinion: with onion, every time. 

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