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The best sunsets in Spain

If we had to define #Martelism in just one phrase, it would be something like enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life. Those customs, places and situations that can seem mundane but contain something that make them very special.

A dinner with friends you haven’t seen for ages, a song that transports you to another era, being introduced to a new city and wandering its streets… Or enjoying a bottle of Martelo, while you watch as the sky becomes tinged with fire in one of Spain’s best sunsets.

You may have watched the sun go down many times but, in these special spots, the sunsets are unique.

The best sunsets in Spain.

Cape Finisterre Lighthouse – A Coruña

From the lighthouse at the end of the (old) world you can see what is, without doubt, one of Spain’s best sunsets. With the Atlantic Ocean before you and the green fields of Galicia at your back, it’s impossible not to feel like the luckiest person in the world. It’s no wonder that so many of the Camino de Santiago (St. James’ Way) pilgrims choose this as their journey’s endpoint.

The best sunsets in Spain.

The Temple of Debod – Madrid

It may seem like the best sunsets in Spain are found in its most hidden corners, but you can find beautiful sunsets in all its cities. One of our favourite is found at the Temple of Debod in Madrid. This is an ancient Egyptian building with over 2200 years of history, which has stood next to the Royal Palace of Madrid since it was donated to Spain in 1968. The perfect place to visit with a couple of glasses and a bottle of Martelo.

The best sunsets in Spain.

Ronda – Málaga province

Few places are as magical as the old town in Ronda (Málaga). Located at the top of a gorge that divides the city in two, its history dates back to Roman times. Such a long history has left architectural ruins scattered throughout the city, but if there is a historical site that stands out from the rest it has to be the Puente Nuevo (the New Bridge) which has joined the two halves of the city since 1753.

A perfect historical setting for watching the sun go down after a day wandering the streets of the “city of dreams”, as Ronda is known.

The best sunsets in Spain.

The Alhambra – Granada

It may not be up there with walking through the Patio of the Lions or the Generalife Palace, but watching the sunset with the Alhambra of Granada as your backdrop is a truly special experience.

The best views can be found by walking up through Albaicín neighbourhood towards San Nicolás viewpoint, right in the heart of the city’s historic centre. Accompanied by a bottle of Martelo, this is perhaps the only moment when the outside of this World Heritage Site can rival its interior.

The best sunsets in Spain.

Las Médulas – León

Last but not least is the historic landscape of Las Médulas in León province. In its heyday, this site’s greatest treasure may have been the gold that was so coveted by the Romans, but today it’s home to one of the best sunsets in Spain.

In its era, this was this was the largest open-pit gold mine in the Roman Empire and, thanks to the methods used to extract the precious metal, the landscape was gradually transformed until it took on the reddish hue for which it is now famed. That landscape is what makes visiting for a walk and to enjoy the sunset so worthwhile.

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