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Seven ideas to make your dinner with friends more special

Laughter, anecdotes, good food, a bottle of Martelo… Few moments are as special as dinner with your best friends, whether you get together every weekend or only on special occasions. And Martelo has come up with a couple of ideas to make them even more cracking.

Blind Dinner

One simple way to make a dinner with friends more special is to blindfold your guests. When you deprive yourself of a sense like sight, others like smell, taste and touch are enhanced. A unique way to rediscover every dish, from the simplest to the most complex. The aromas, flavours and textures won’t seem the same.

Hire a Chef

Places like Take a Chef, Urban Chefs and Bendita Cocina hire out professional chefs to go round your place and whip up a gourmet meal for you and your mates. They source the ingredients, cook the dishes, serve the menu and then leave everything as they found it. So you can enjoy the privacy of a dinner at home with the gastronomic experience of a restaurant.

Share a fondue 

Get your 70s glamour on with a fondue dinner with friends. Seeing as you’re already planning to share a bottle of Martelo, you might as well dig into a pot of delicious gruyère, vacherin, emmental, sbrinz, beaufort or comté together, too. And what goes for cheese goes for chocolate and strawberries.

Game Night

Invite your pals over, uncork a bottle of Martelo, put together some nibbles and pull out a board game. Fun and laughter guaranteed. If you’re not sure where to start, in this article we recommend six fun games to try, but if they aren’t your thing you can always hook the Nintendo Switch up to the telly and bond over video games like Overcooked, 1-2-Switch or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

A Literary Jam

Another fun idea to liven up a dinner with friends is a book club. Each person in the group chooses a book they’ve read and tells the rest what it’s about and why they liked it. A great way to learn what makes your friends tick and be introduced to new and fabulous stories. Or do it with movies, albums or games.

Fave dish

After so long, it’s finally time to choose the group’s favourite dish. The rules are simple: each guest prepares (or brings along) their favourite dish; you open a bottle of Martelo and everyone tries what the others have made. When it’s time for dessert, you score each dish from 1 to 5 depending on how much you liked it (you can’t vote for your own) and the one with the most points automatically becomes the winner.

DJ for the night

Last but not least, you can take turns in controlling the background music. At each dinner a DJ is put in charge of brightening up the evening with their music of choice. They can put together a playlist or do something more original and choose comedy tracks, childhood tunes or go completely over the top.

Whatever dinner plan you choose, don’t forget to uncork a bottle of Martelo to enjoy in the best company. That’s what true #martelism is all about 

7 June, 2019
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