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Enjoy #Martelism anywhere with these accessories

Who said #Martelism was for indoors? Martelo loves being taken on a picnic, to the beach, hiking in the mountains and even to see a meteor shower. But it has to be in good company and with all the right equipment, of course.

<![CDATA[Grab a paper and pencil. With these six accessories you can enjoy a bottle of Martelo anywhere in the world.

#Martelism on the go

Feel the wind in your face, lose yourself in nature and come across special spots, pedal a country road … Martelo loves bike rides and with accessories like the Bicycle Wine Rack and Donkey 6 Pack you can carry a bottle (or six!) and glasses strapped to your bike.

The glass that won’t break

There’s no better way to enjoy Martelo than by the glass. But when you’re on a picnic or at the beach, they’re not always convenient or easy to use. Especially given how fragile glass is. That’s why silicone glasses from Alchemy or Flexicups are a must-have accessory for enjoying #Martelism in nature.

The ultimate kit for drinking wine outdoors

That is how you could sum up Carivino, a 750ml bottle that can keep your Martelo at the ideal temperature all day long and which also features all kinds of accessories: two nested glasses, an aerator and a corkscrew. Plus the container is made of ceramic so the taste of the wine isn’t altered.

Protect your Martelo

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to keep their Martelo in its iconic bottle, try getting your hands on one of these neoprene protectors. Made by BottleGuard Neoprene or Built NY, they’re an ideal way to take your #Martelism anywhere without worrying about the bottle breaking.

Don’t forget the corkscrew!

You get to that idyllic spot, lay out the picnic fare, take out the glasses, settle down to enjoy the beautiful sunset and suddenly you realise… You’ve forgotten the corkscrew! There are a number of very clever ways to open a bottle of wine, but this isn’t the time for experiments.

A Martelo crate

Few things in this world are as versatile as the Martelo crate. With a bit of skill it can be transformed into hundreds of things, but just as it is it’s perfect to carry everything you need for a picnic in the heart of nature. Just pop in a bottle of Martelo, some snacks, a blanket and slide it straight into the boot of the car.

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