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6 people Martelo would like to have dinner with

Learning, sharing, enjoying, discussing… Few pleasures in this world are as enriching as sitting down to enjoy a meal with someone else. From starter to dessert, with a glass of wine in hand, you can open your heart, expand your mind and really get to know the person sitting across from you.  #Martelism in its purest state.

We all have a list in our head of people we would love to have dinner with, and it’s no different for Martelo

Ana Roquero, designer of emotions

Ana Roquero is a designer in every sense of the word – full of ideas and able to convey  all kinds of emotions through the most everyday objects. Her work on Cookplay is a great example of this: dishes with organic shapes that border on minimalism and shine a spotlight on the food being served. 

Jorge Drexler, a musician without borders

Martelo has wanted to dine with Jorge Drexler ever since we heard his song “Todo se transforma” (Everything changes). The point is that inspiration comes not only from a corner of La Rioja but also from the guitar of a Uruguayan musician.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet after your concert at the Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival (Friday, 19 July). Jorge, you can pick the restaurant.

Iban Yarza, a master of breadmaking

Defining Iban Yarza as a baker wouldn’t do him justice. Few have done as much to spread the culture of good bread as he has: rescuing recipes on the verge of disappearing and defending the good work and loving care that went into breadmaking in the past. And just so we’re clear – there’s no dinner without bread and wine, so why not make it good bread and a bottle of Martelo.

Feliciano López: game, set and match

22 years spent travelling the world with his tennis racquet are bound to make for some great conversation. Especially when he’s as great off the tennis court as he is on it. Martelo had such a great time with Feliciano López when he came to visit the Torre de Oña Bodega that we are eager to repeat the experience. Your place next time? 

Santi Rivas, 100% winelover

If Martelo had to pick just one person to have dinner with, it would definitely be Santi Rivas. An instagram-worthy tête-à-tête where we’d taste wine and of course share the experience with our #Martelismo and #wineloverismo followers. 

Carlota Mateos, charming getaways

Martelo loves going to charming boutique hotels for our getaways, and nobody knows as many as Carlota Mateos. Since she began her Rusticae business venture almost 25 years ago, she has certainly not stopped visiting some of the most special hotels and restaurants.

Who would you like to have dinner  and share a bottle of Martelo with? Let us know on Instagram.

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