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Films about wine: some Finca Martelo favourites

Not many people know this, but here at Finca Martelo, we are truly in love with the seventh art. Dramas, comedies, thrillers … There’s no genre we don’t like, especially when the co-star in the movie is wine.

But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the wineglass

Notorious – Alfred Hitchcock

A thriller, created by the master of suspense, in which two American spies try to prevent the Nazis from re-organising in Brazil. In addition to several exciting scenes in a large wine cellar, it turns out that the bottles contain more than just wine. It was nominated for two Oscars and the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

A Good Year – Ridley Scott

Starring Russell Crowe, Albert Finney, Marion Cotillard and Abbie Cornish, this romantic comedy tells the story of a successful London stock broker who inherits a French ‘château’ from his uncle. In the beginning, he intends to sell it as quickly as possible, but as time goes by, the decision becomes more complicated.

You will be my son – Gilles Legrand

An intense family drama in which Paul de Marseul, the owner of a prestigious vineyard in Saint Emilion, rejects his son for not living up to his expectations. Paul, a demanding and passionate oenologist, can’t stand the idea that his son might inherit the business one day. He dreams of having a son who is more talented and charismatic. 

Sideways – Alexander Payne

This dramatic comedy was nominated five times and won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay. It tells the story of two friends, Jack and Miles, who take a trip around the vineyards before Jack’s wedding. They make strange companions, as Jack is trying to savour his final days of freedom, but Miles is only focussed on tasting the perfect wine.

Blood and Wine – Bob Rafelson

Alex Gates (Jack Nicholson) runs a small wine import company that supplies most of the millionaires in a select Miami neighbourhood. One day, he meets Gabriela, who is a wealthy couple’s housekeeper. Together, they decide to steal a valuable diamond necklace and escape the city.

French kiss – Lawrence Kasdan

A romantic comedy in which Kate flies to France to get back her fiancé, who has fallen in love with a beautiful French woman. On the plane, she meets Luc, a French thief. He ends up following her all over France, including the vineyards, to help her find the love of her life.

Year of the Comet – Peter Yates

Margaret Harwood, a British oenologist, is cataloguing what appears to be ordinary wine in a remote Scottish castle, when it suddenly turns out to be an extraordinary find: an extremely rare 150-year-old bottle that is believed to have belonged to Napoleon. A treasure that everyone wants to get hold of.

Bottle Shock – Randall Miller

Alan Rickman, Chris Pine and Bill Pullman star in this dramatic comedy. A British ex-pat comes up with a plan to show Parisians that wine from other parts of the world is equal to or better than French wine.

The Silence of the White City – Daniel Calparsoro

Based on Eva García Sáenz de Urturi’s novel of the same name, “The Silence of the White City” tells the story of Inspector Unai López of Ayala, and his pursuit of a serial killer who is terrorising the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It premieres on 25 October 2019. If you go and see it, you can see the Bodega Torre de Oña, home of Finca Martelo, as it features in the film.

Now that you’ve chosen the right film for you, just follow these simple steps to create a  magical night of movies and #Martelism.

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