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How to make Christmas not your typical Christmas

You know Finca Martelo really likes to make plans, but not just any old plans. They should always have something new and fun about them. Now that we are in the run-up to Christmas, we have started to think up ideas for these special (but sometimes somewhat monotonous) days. Carols, crackers, pantomimes and the Queen’s speech have their place, but Finca Martelo has other things in mind.

Slapdash Santa

If you already do Secret Santa with family or friends, you might want to give it a twist. With Slapdash Santa you pile all the gifts in a heap, then everyone picks them out at will and opens them all at once. At that point, the stealing begins! A number of rounds will have been established beforehand and how many times the gift can be stolen from another person (once or several). The condition is that no-one can steal from someone who has previously stolen from them. Who will emerge triumphant, holding the best gift aloft?

Alternatives to seeing in the New Year

Agüeros (a series of popular recipes for health and happiness in the new year) in Colombia; fireworks on a beach in Brazil; the famous Times Square countdown; eating lentils and throwing things you no longer want out of the window in Italy; smashing old dishes on the floor. These are some alternative traditions for seeing in the New Year. You might have to travel afar for some of them, but others can be done at home… and if it’s with a bottle of Finca Martelo, all the better. Will we give it a go?

A healthy menu… at Christmas too!

At Finca Martelo we like to take care of ourselves and have organised this Inspiring Day based around foodie snacks. Because while there’s nothing wrong with indulging from time to time, making at least one or two Christmas meals healthier wouldn’t go astray. Here are some simple, fun ideas: hummus, baked turkey, any avocado recipe, grilled salmon, beetroot cream soup with gluten-free bread or exotic fruit for dessert.

And for New Year’s Eve?

Get your groove on at a packed NYE party. Play a game of poker with your nan. Watch the New Year’s special on TV. Can you come up with more ideas? A Finca Martelo, of course. Arrange a Play Station marathon. Get your mates round for a Peaky Blinders party. Binge on the Indiana Jones trilogy. Organise a game night with Trivial Pursuit, Cluedo or Scrabble.

Fancy kicking the year off with a good dose of #martelism?

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