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Film+blanket+wine: what to watch at Christmas

Whether you love Christmas or hate it, Finca Martelo has an idea bound to hit the spot. Relaxed, fun and entertaining, all you need is a sofa, a blanket, a film and a bottle of Finca Martelo to enjoy some Christmas cheer or step back from the partying for a while. Here is a selection of movies to while away an afternoon/night.

Love Actually

For some a masterpiece, for others the ultimate schmaltz-fest, it tells a number of parallel love stories happening around Christmas time in London. Released in 2003 it has now become a classic.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

To say Tim Burton is a genius is nothing new – Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, stumbles through a portal to Christmas Town and becomes obsessed with celebrating the holiday. But his vision clashes head-on with what is universally known as “the spirit of Christmas.” Who else would think of kidnapping Santa Claus? One of the few times when critical success and commercial triumph went hand in hand.

The NeverEnding Story

If you’re aged between 35 and 45 (and if you’re reading this you probably are) you would have spent several Christmas afternoons watching this movie with your cousins on the couch at your grandma’s house. It’s a classic full of charm and with an adventurous vision. If you haven’t seen it, you must. If it is just a vague memory, you have to see it again.

A trilogy

If you’re tired of the social whirl and want to hunker down at home with the blinds shut and a glass of wine to hand, there is something out there for you and it is called a trilogy. Choose from Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Die Hard or Star Wars (but only episodes IV, V and VI!).

Home Alone

Finca Martelo includes this film on its list because it is set at Christmas, is for people with children or nieces and nephews, and -why not admit it?- because we like to indulge in a nostalgia hit. Home Alone takes us back to a time when we would have all liked to stay home alone while our parents were away (now we also like staying home alone, don’t we?).

Edward Scissorhands

Another classic shown repeatedly on commercial TV at Christmas. You gotta admit that when Johnny Deep was cool, he was deeply, deeply cool. His character, who had scissors for hands as a result of an unfinished experiment, signposts kindness and innocence in equal measure and could soften the hardest heart.

You know Finca Martelo really likes to make plans, but not just any old plans. They should always have something new and fun about them. Now that we are in the run-up to Christmas, we have started to think up ideas for these special (but sometimes somewhat monotonous) days. Carols, crackers, pantomimes and the Queen’s speech have their place, but Finca Martelo has other things in mind.

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