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Six books that put wine in the spotlight

Wine and literature have always got on well, and a good glass or even a whole bottle has been a source of inspiration for writers, while giving rise to great stories.

If you are keen to use these winter days to combine reading and Finca Martelo, you are bound to be interested in these six works that put wine in the spotlight.

The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)

We begin with a classic, the winner of the 1940 Pulitzer Prize and a groundbreaking work of its time, chronicling the ups and downs of smallholder farmers in America after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, a cry for dignity and justice.

The Winemaker (Noah Gordon)

A best-selling author who penned this work as a love letter to Spain, where he discovered wine, it tells the story of a winegrower who had fled to France but returns to his native Catalonia to make the best possible wine from the family vineyards.

The Initiates (Étienne Davodeau)

A graphic novel (comic, if you prefer) written and illustrated with great aesthetic sensitivity. It tells of the time Davodeau spent in his friend Leroy’s vineyards, where he soaked up the whole of the winemaking process. In turn, Leroy began to frequent the cultural events that Étienne attended. A beautiful pairing to be sure.

Un jardín entre viñedos (A Garden Among Vineyards) (Carmen Santos)

An entertaining tale of love, betrayal and family secrets set in the glamorous Paris of the 1920s and rural Aragon of the same time (in Spanish).

The Vines of San Lorenzo (Edward Steinberg)

Angelo Gaja, one of Italy’s boldest wine producers, is the star of this book which narrates his extraordinary life, dedicated to making one of the world’s most renowned wines.

Qué vino con este pato (Which Wine With This Duck?) (Ferrán Centelles)

The sommelier of the world-famous El Bulli wrote this book that is a friendly and accessible look at pairing philosophies and other intricacies of great restaurants and their relationship to wine.

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