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Finca Martelo: 20 years searching for inspiration

20 years. This is how long it took to carefully examine, down to the last inch, the five estates on which the grape started to be grown to make Finca Martelo.

When we say that a wine such as Finca Martelo can only be made in the winery of Torre de Oña, we do not say so lightly. The fact is that the terroir bears much of the blame for making Finca Martelo so special.

Land is as important when making a wine as the vineyards themselves. Factors such as texture, mineral elements, organic matter, water, depth and salinity make the difference. All of these can vary dramatically even within the same estate.

That’s why more than 20 years ago we began to carefully examine, down to the last inch, the plots surrounding the winery and its chateau. We had the feeling that this chateau had something very special and we were not mistaken.

After foliar and soil analyses and satellite images we came across three estates with a unique composition and character. They include vineyards that are over 60 years old that, in certain vintages, give us fresh grapes, with mild tannins and long, slow and balanced ripening. The famous Cosechas Finca Martelo. Finca Martelo cannot be made without this perfect combination.

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