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Why harvest season is the best time of year in wine country

There are those who love summer. Others can’t wait for the merry festive season. And some long for the colour of spring. But there is a time of year in the land of La Rioja, when summer starts to fade away and something magical happens. It is the grape harvest season, nestled between the late summer and the dawn of autumn. And here, it is without a doubt, the best time of the year for many. Finca Martelo is among them and explains the magic.

The vineyard at its finest

The spectacle of rich maroons, reds and browns of the vineyards stretches as far as the eye can see. It is a picture-perfect postcard to be seen at least once in this lifetime. The earthy lushness reaches its peak in October when the grape harvest comes to an end. Whether you are an avid Instagrammer or not, a walk through the vineyards at this magical time of year can truly feel like walking through a painting.

The perfect climate

As Goldilocks would say, it is neither too hot nor too cold, it is just right. During the day, the sun tempers the atmosphere, lightly sun-kissing your face. When the day turns to night, there is nothing like a glass of red wine in the cool evening air. So are some tasty Rioja-style potatoes (made with bell peppers and chorizo sausage) or some lamb chops al sarmiento (cooked with vine shoots). They taste the best in autumn, you heard it here first.

The aroma of the land in the air

The unmistakable smell of La Rioja region is a delicate balance of earth, grapes, vine leaves, stone houses, sunshine and fresh water. With the vines laden with grapes, this aroma is heightened during the wine harvest season. That first whiff upon arrival is exhilarating and is a little taste of the aroma that emanates from a glass of Finca Martelo once you get settled.

A peaceful experience 

Without the summer tastings and the huge number of visitors that go with it, September and October are the ideal months to visit the Spanish land of wine. Whether it is your first visit, your third or you have lost count by now, there is a sense of calm in the streets, squares, fields and villages enjoyed by the locals. A haven of peace that tastes of tempranillo. 

The light

The autumn Riojan light is a marvel in itself. The morning rises with a sparkling light that highlights the deep colours of the landscape and the day ends with a soft and cosy warmth which will gently rock you with its rays.

The grape harvest comes with the birth of new wines

The wine harvest season is the culmination of a year’s loving work on the land. The winding country roads and hidden lanes become a hustle and bustle of tractors coming and going, first empty and then loaded with ripe grapes, while hundreds of grape harvesters go from vine to vine filling their baskets. You really feel part of the show.

The harvest in the Torre de Oña winery is about to begin. Soon we will know if the 2021 vintage will be worthy of a new Finca Martelo. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to know! 

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