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The raw material that grows in the depths of the forest

All villages have their little secrets, but few are guarded as closely as the places where one can find the best wild mushrooms. Although it is not surprising to find such secrecy when it comes to these gastronomic diamonds: truffles, chanterelles, amanitas, perrechicos, boletus… There is an array of delicious mushrooms to be found that can be sampled on many local menus to the delight of all you foodies out there. As for the walkers lucky enough to come across any of these beauties, they will pretty much get a medal of honour for having the eye to spot them!

Every year, after the first autumn rains, mushroom enthusiasts put on their wellies and set off in search of these wild treasures hidden in the depths of the forest. You can tell them apart by their wicker baskets, which are actually function over fashion as they help the mushrooms to spread their spores, and their curved-edged knives, essential for collecting the fungi without damaging the mycelium. 

Knowing where the best mushrooms are helps, but if you walk through any beech, holm oak or pine forest it is easy to come across all kinds of mushrooms. However, it is very important to speak to locals and understand the different species well so as not to confuse the edible with the non-edible that can sometimes look very similar. 

After a morning of picking comes the most eagerly awaited moment for the gatherers: showing off each of your finds over a bottle of Finca Martelo, removing the soil with care, admiring every detail, chopping and preparing a mouth-watering dish. Here are a few ideas to get your taste buds going: boletus risotto, stewed veal with chanterelles or the Spanish-classic of wild mushrooms and scrambled eggs. Although any recipe will taste great, you can’t go wrong with the quality of this raw material. 

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