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Five destinations for engaging in #martelism at Easter

They call it Holy Week, though it doesn’t quite extend to a week. But if you like, you can make it last longer. This really is the perfect time of year for a city getaway; to get out there and discover the world. Martelo has five ideas for you.


New York: Martelo’s favourite city

It’s the city of skyscrapers, but what’s going on down below is as exciting as what’s happening up on high. Williamsbrug has become one of the city’s hottest neighbourhoods. The centre of all things hipster, this area dictates what those with their finger on the pulse will be eating, wearing and listening to in cities all over the world. Vintage clothes stores, live music, street art and many a bearded man zipping around on a bicycle. As well as the well-trodden sights of the Empire State, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, there is a whole lot to do in New York. A visit to Coney Island – a theme park that’s decadent and captivating in equal parts – or a punk tour through the New York of The Ramones are both experiences that will stay with you.


Logroño: why not?

Capital of the land that gave its name to Spain’s most famous wine, Logroño is a small, charming city; relaxed and cosy; one of those places that you always fancy going back to. Its epicentre is Calle Laurel: a lively pedestrian street full of bars, inns and restaurants. At the weekend, the bustling atmosphere becomes the star attraction of this legendary street, where life revolves around eating and drinking well. There are typical dishes aplenty, in large raciones or smaller pinchos; all accompanied by wine, of course. And the list of places where you can find a bottle of Martelo is endless 😉 


Copenhagen: the capital of Hygge

In this article, we already talked to you about how Martelo and Hygge make the perfect combination. There’s no better way to delve deeper into this philosophy of life than to visit Copenhague, its capital. There is a lot to see in this city, but what’s most interesting is seeing how the Hygge approach also permeates life on its streets. Its inhabitants are friendly and hospitable. Its streets are a haven of tranquillity, with squares, pedestrian areas, canals with little boats moored on the shores and bikes, so many bikes. For an interesting view of another part of city, you can also visit the free town of Christiania. A neighbourhood that declared itself independent of Denmark, it functions as a commune and has its own rules and customs.


San Gimignano: the Tuscan way of life

Lying atop a hill, San Gimignano’s 15 towers let you take in some stunning views of Tuscany. A town where the locals live la Dolçe Vita in its purest form, its impressive walls and stone-paved streets create an atmosphere that will transport you back to the Renaissance era. Everything seems to move at a slower pace in San Gimignano, even pleasure: take your time as you savour cheese, cured meat, a pasta dish or a good bottle of wine, while you watch the world go by.


Lisbon, the city of light

So much has been written about Lisbon that there is little more to add. It is modern yet decadent with a maritime feel, unique architecture and so much life. The sound of its trams clattering along the streets, its lifts up to the Bairro Alto [High Neighbourhood] and he restaurant terraces overlooking the Tagus River are all part of its charm. In Lisbon, you’re never short of places to eat good food, listen to street music, go shopping and drink wine. In the city of light, there’s so much more than light.

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